Sonya – Projects

Examples of texts I have worked on (translations, editing, and language review) in recent years.

✔ Environmental reports

✔ Articles for scientific journals

✔ Company documentation

✔ Books (hydrogeology, geoengineering, Nordic languages, Swedish national park, tracker dogs)

✔ Academic theses

✔ Marketing materials

✔ Web texts

✔ Educational materials

✔ Advertisements

✔ Pharmaceutical and medical texts

✔ Medical journals

✔ Newsletters and press releases

✔ Product descriptions and benefit sheets

✔ Financial reports

✔ Legal documents

✔ Technical reports and manuals

✔ Tourism texts and signs

✔ Annual reviews

✔ Policy and strategy documents

✔ PowerPoint presentations

✔ Exhibition displays

✔ Research programme descriptions

✔ Articles for business magazines

Specialist areas

As the list above shows, I have worked with texts in virtually every field over the years, but I now specialise in texts relating to the environment. My academic background is in the environmental sciences. Within the environmental field, subjects commonly recurring in my portfolio are forest research, energy, geology, climate change, natural sciences, sustainability, and environmental psychology. However, I am always open to assignments in other fields.