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Client comments

Leslie Walke has helped Future Forests with translating popular scientific texts on forestry and management of natural resources. Leslie is a fast and skilled translator, handles specialist terminology accurately, and is also a creative sounding board on matters such as headings and headlines, which require extra sensitivity for the nuances of the respective languages. Furthermore, he is a very pleasant person to deal with. 
Annika Mossing, Communications Officer, Future Forests, SLU Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

We at Skogforsk have used CommunicAID since 2010 for translations and language checks of research reports, scientific articles and marketing material. We are extremely satisfied. Our experience is that Leslie is always careful to deliver texts with accurate scientific terminology. In cases of uncertainty, these are resolved through very good dialogue with the researchers at Skogforsk. The service has always been professional and delivery times short. 
Erik Viklund, Director of Communications, Skogforsk

I have collaborated with CommunicAID for over ten years on language review of scientific articles. The primary reason for this long collaboration is the extremely fast and high-quality service. I also appreciate the personal relationship that Leslie Walke offers, and the small grammatical comments that help me develop my own use of the English language. 
Claes Andersson, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Malmö University

In spite of deadlines that are often tight, Leslie has delivered high-quality translations to Explit. Leslie has demonstrated good understanding of our needs and his expertise has also given us new perspectives on our own information before it is published, which we value highly. 
Tomas Larsson, Sales and Marketing Officer, Explit AB

The County Administrative Board in Västernorrland manages the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Höga Kusten. In communication relating to the World Heritage Site and its geological values, the County Administrative Board has commissioned Leslie Walke for translation of information material such as brochures and signs. His translations of both scientific texts and short information texts are always careful, thorough and professional. He is always attentive to my requirements as client, and is open to dialogue about the text. Leslie is fast and efficient in his work, despite the occasional short deadline! 
Milly Lundstedt, County Administrative Board, Västernorrland

I have worked with Leslie Walke for over 15 years. The reason for this long-term collaboration is the quality in the work requested, the openness to discussion, and a never-missed deadline. Leslie Walke has noticeably improved the language in many medical articles, abstracts and Power Point presentations that I and my colleagues have written. 
Björn Axel Johansson, MD, PhD, Skåne University Hospital, Malmö

For several years, I have commissioned CommunicAID for language review of scientific articles published in international journals with peer-review in the subjects of psychology, biology and technology. Leslie is receptive to the needs of the author, makes time to discuss translations and terminology, and always delivers the projects within the agreed time. 
Maria Johansson, Professor in Environmental Psychology, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University

We have been working with Leslie for several years now, and his copy-editing/proofreading services have always been of the highest quality. He is always flexible, and can accommodate our crazy deadlines and short turnaround time when needed – not once has Leslie failed to meet the agreed deadline. His reliability makes my life as a professor so much easier. The texts he delivers are always easy to read, grammatically correct, and streamlined, and even our native speakers acknowledge the improved readability. Leslie’s suggestions and comments are never excessive, and he is also skilled at making texts written by different authors more consistent, which is useful as we work on multi- and interdisciplinary projects with people from various educational and cultural backgrounds. We also benefit from Leslie’s tips on writing well. I would highly recommend Leslie’s services.
Oksana Mont, Professor in Sustainable Consumption Governance, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University

LRF Skogsägarna (Forest Owners Association) has commissioned Leslie Walke to translate forest-related texts from Swedish to English and to review and edit such texts that we have written ourselves in English. In spite of sometimes very short deadlines, he has been able to deliver assignments quickly and on time. It is extremely valuable for us to be able to commission someone with an innate feel for the English language for this type of assignment. We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Leslie Walke. 
LRF Skogsägarna (Forest Owners Association)

We have commissioned Leslie Walke for many assignments. The most recent was a very comprehensive undertaking, involving the translation of a 208-page book, Sweden Underground, to English, at the same rate as the draft content was being written in Swedish. The language was technical, requiring both factual knowledge and understanding in the field of geoengineering. The assignment also involved an editorial role, to ensure coherence and consistency in the text. Leslie was a great support throughout the long production time, and was always receptive to our requests.

Leslie has also translated two annual reviews, one research and development programme, and the book Hydrogeology for Rock Engineers (167 pages). The texts have largely been geotechnical, and we have been very satisfied with the results. The collaboration has been excellent, and the projects have always been delivered on time. We felt confident handing over these projects to Leslie because he is sensitive to the specific requirements and characteristics of each assignment. His translations are accurate and well-considered, and nothing is ever done hastily or carelessly. BeFo can warmly recommend CommunicAID.
Eva Friedman, Head of Administration, BeFo, Rock Engineering Research Foundation